Latent hell

Must be amazing to live on a sea shore! A must see place in many aspects. I had some natural expectations about people though, when I moved. You know, those of southern people being usually fun, but too easy-going, or better – ignorant. Though having general image, I so underestimated them. Tonight I was not sleeping, thinking that ignorance is a forerunner of evil. How close is it? Much closer, unfortunately. It didn’t let me sleep. …That might have been a screaming car antitheft at 03:00 am that nobody cared to shut off. It died on it’s own by the morning.

Right here, on the stage

It happened many times before, during day. Not hard to tolerate, what’s a big deal. Be patient and tolerate. Especially if you want to evolve back to monkey. If you want to live in a better society, you d’better react.

Italians envy countries like Germany, the Netherlands, because they are so correct and perfect in their eyes. They understand what the “correct” should look like. But it seems they hardly understand what they personally are missing.

My neighbours in this condo constantly complain about the gate kept open days and nights – it’s dangerous. The other night I came back about 22:00 pm, the gate was open, and a condo woman was quarreling with some guy about it, both standing in front of the gate. I left again and came back in an hour – both were still there quarrelling, the gate still open. I closed it in front of them, but left with the feeling that it remained open.

To my opinion – sacrifice just one thing. Make education free. The payback will invent itself after a while.