Degree in Italy. 1st exam – Italian language

Sounds like a serious deal. If you are going to an Engineering faculty (like me), or Physics, it’s not. The professors will be late, after having a coffee they will greet you, ask you some typical stuff. In my case – “how cold is it in Russia? Proper cold? -30 or something?  Oh, Madonna!”

I spoke Italian long before coming here, it gave me a chance to relax (for the last time) and watch other foreigners. Some of them could hardly say “Ciao” and were sweating and shivering. Everybody passed though. The examinators were 3 middle-aged engineers. They probably didn’t even know what verbs and Tenses were, straight to the deal. I was given a piece of sheet with this scratched on it:

\forall n\in\Bbb N\;\exists y_n\in f[a,b]

And was asked to pronounce it. Of course I failed, as I had little no knowledge of mathematics whatsoever. “Don’t bother, you will read it in the books”, they said. They knew where I was going, and I didn’t:) It was after a year, when I realized it was a Calculus theorem extract.

Like they said – don’t bother for your Italian, you won’t be kicked out for that. They demonstratively disregard your accent, however brutal it is, and you will always feel comfortable. Later you will be tortured with completely different things, and it’s worth being another topic soon.